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IRPOA shall provide a statewide organization to promote the interests of persons, firms, and corporations who develop, own, or manage residential rental housing; to inform members about current issues and interests, including legislative activities; and to conduct such activities as are necessary to carry out the goals of the Association.
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Legislation to protect housing for illegal immigrants is moving through the Illinois legislature


SB3103 and HB5519 are two bills with the same language. Both bills have been approved by committees in the House and in the Senate. These bills will result in lawsuits against landlords.


What is the problem?


  • These bills prohibit a landlord from asking any question that would reveal an applicant’s immigration status, even though there are legitimate business reasons that a landlord may not want to do business with a person who is in the country illegally. Enforcing a lease signed by an illegal immigrant may be difficult. The person might return to their own country at any time and collecting debts for unpaid rent or damage would be difficult.
  • These bills create protections from harassment for illegal immigrants. Harassment based on national origin is already protected by the Fair Housing Act. But, these bills are broadly written so that accusations of harassment could be made if a landlord evicts a person who is just perceived as coming from another country. Even if a landlord were aware a person is here illegally, that landlord would be prohibited from notifying law enforcement because that could be considered harassment.
  • These bills allow nonprofit organizations to sue landlords on behalf of tenants. The landlord would be required to pay court costs and attorney fees, along with a $2000 penalty if found guilty of harassment. Any lease enforcement can be turned into an accusation of harassment.Lawsuits will be filed with the intent to extort settlements.


Here's what you do:



Call both your State Senator and your State Representative and tell them:

  1. The bills are unnecessary to protect non-citizens because the Fair Housing Act already protects people based on their national origin.
  2. It is unfair to expose law abiding business owners to lawsuits in order to protect people who have entered the country illegally.
  3. VOTE NO TO HB5519 AND SB3103

To read the bills click on these linksSB3103and HB5519.

Donate to I.R.P.O.A.'s lobbying effort here.


To find contact information of your State Senator and State Representative CLICK HERE.

Forward this message to all the investors you know in the State of Illinois and encourage them to contact their legislators.