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Illinois Rental Property Owners Association

The Mission of IRPOA

IRPOA shall provide a statewide organization to promote the interests of persons, firms, and corporations who develop, own, or manage residential rental housing; to inform members about current issues and interests, including legislative activities; and to conduct such activities as are necessary to carry out the goals of the Association.
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Oppose the Sealing of All Eviction Records, Regardless of Cause


Rep. Delia Ramirez has introduced new legislation during the Lame Duck Session in Springfield. Rep. Ramirez and others are pushing to get the Eviction Moratorium extended to October, 2021. It will also seal all eviction records going back to March, 2020 and going forward to October, 2022.

This bill would seal them all, including evictions for criminal behavior.

Please contact your Representatives and Senators in Springfield and let them know that SB3066-HA4 legislation does enormous damage and will make the situation worse for both housing providers and residents.


They should vote NO on it and allow the courts to do their jobs.


The Bill also provides for the payment of the relief funds from the Federal Emergency Relief Act, which should be a clean and easy - not used as a way to harm owners.


The legislators have not discussed this legislation with IRPOA or any of the other organizations representing owners. This is wrong. Stakeholders should have their voices heard.


Please file a Witness Slip AGAINST SB3066-HA4 which is being heard in Committee NOW!


The way the elected legislators have twisted procedure in their favor during this emergency session, this is most of the way through the process on its way to becoming law!!


WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? The time for action is NOW!

  • File a Witness Slip OPPOSING SB3066the COVID-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act, here.
  • In addition, please file a Witness Slip OPPOSING SB1379. This bill will require the submission of income statements in order to determine property tax values. You may file your Witness Slip in OPPOSITION here.
  • Witness Slips are easy to complete and take only minutes of your time. Make your voice heard before time runs out! File these now, please!
  • Contact your State Legislators. Use this link to find your elected officials. Let them know you oppose SB3066 - HA4 and SB1379!


Haven't filled out a Witness Slip yet? It's really very simple. Here's all you need to provide:

  • Your Information: Fill in your name identification
  • Representation:  You can list more than one thing here: self, your business, I.R.P.O.A. or other groups.
  • Position: Please select the radio button for Opponent
  • Testimony:  Record of Appearance Only - this doesn't mean you need to be there - you are appearing via Witness Slip
  • NOTE: If you are going to be there and want to talk - Oral, If you are sending or handing in written testimony - Written Statement Filed

Then agree to the ILGA terms and hit the button to create the Witness Slip.

As an industry, we need to make sure our voices are not only heard, but listened to!

Make constructive and empathetic calls to your legislators! Let them know we can solve this in a better way. For example, empower judges to determine which eviction cases should be sealed. Or, setting up funds to pay the rent for those that can't because of documented COVID-19 problems. This would be the most expedient and least wasteful way to support those who have had hardship.


When rents are not paid, the bills related to rentals cannot be paid by the property owners. This puts property taxes in jeopardy.

Yes, some people are hurting. We need to be able to collect rent from those who are not, so we can continue to offer support to those who are suffering.

Merely proposing this sort of legislation shakes the confidence of both investors and lenders. It is IRRESPONSIBLE for government to destroy the livelihoods and investments of one sector while giving a huge financial gift to other constituents. It destroys their incentives to be part of the solution. 

Please call your Illinois State Representative and Illinois State Senator and discuss this issue with them. Please send them your comments in writing as well. How will this proposal affect you? Let them know that there is more than one side to this story.  Make sure that you ask them to vote NO on these Bills.

Thank you! You have dedicated time and effort to this cause. We are grateful.